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Consumers today are getting averse to push advertisement – be it through traditional media (print, TV, radio or outdoor ads) or digital media (banners, buttons, emails or other digital ad formats). The idea instead, is to give potential customers what they want – information and entertainment, such that they end up spending hours engaging with your content and developing a relationship with your brand and products/services. This, in effect, is content marketing.

How we do it?

  1. Audit

    How does content marketing fit in your scheme of broader marketing plan? What do you plan to achieve with it? What will be the editorial guidelines and budget? How will you measure its success?

  2. Research

    Understand your target audience, buyers’ persona, influencers, competition in your vertical.

  3. Plan

    Decide distribution channels, processes, conversation and measurement.

  4. Sync Content

    SEO, Social Media.

What we do?

  1. Blog posts
  2. Interactive Content
  3. Visual Content
  4. Social Media Content
  5. SEO Content
  6. Website Content
  7. White papers, Guides, e-Books, Newsletters
  8. Guest Blogging
  9. PR Content
  10. Offline Content