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Mobile computing is a smooth experience now, thanks to advances in technology, intuitive interfaces and easy availability of high speed data. Companies- big and small, are using mobile applications to reach a larger customer base as well as workforce. Be it for B2C, B2B, games, data editing, utility or productivity purpose – smartphones and smarter OS has seen a spurt of emergence of mobile applications for almost every need.

How we do it?

  1. What’s the purpose of app?

    Understand brand identity and guidelines, conceptualize functionality and features from the perspective of company and user.

  2. Prototype

    Interactive prototype of the full app to discuss the different UX and functionality options.

  3. Launch

    After heavy testing on an extensive range of devices.

  4. Integrate Analytics

    For detailed picture of activities on and with your app.

What we do?

  1. Strategy
    (Decide features & functionalities)
  2. Information Architecture
    (Userflow, Blueprints)
  3. Design
    (Adding in drop shadows, gradients, etc to blueprints)
  4. Development
    (Frontend and Backend, build a CMS or API if needed)
  5. Eliminate bugs
  6. Push in App Store or Google Play