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Companies today have higher expectations of ROI, face intense competition, and need to adapt fast to demographic changes in customer base, Web 2.0 and social media channels. So in most cases, they make use of Analytics (Google’s, in-house or some other third party software) to understand business data and use them to improve efficacies in different departments. But are they using ‘good Analytics’?

How we do it?

  1. Full Audit

    Codes, site search tracking, bounces by traffic type, filters, URL tagging, funnels, alerts, etc.

  2. Custom Reports

    With different combinations of dimensions and metrics to analyze diverse aspects of business.

  3. Sync Channel Strategies with Data

    Ads, Social Media, Content, SEO.

  4. Uncover Hidden Patterns & Correlations

    Use latest tools for campaign management, analysis and reporting.

  5. Predict Trends

    Analyze Customer Behavior for new growth and products/services ideas.

  6. Improve Customer Satisfaction

    From buying cycle analysis, using different parameters.

What we do?

  1. Add codes and customize reports
  2. Analyze data collection, configuration, processing and reporting
  3. Measurement Protocol
  4. Find trends in raw data for users, sessions, and interactions
  5. Apply configuration settings to study data transformation and aggregation
  6. Reporting APIs