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How to Use Hashtags Successfully?

Hashtags, ‘#’, were introduced by Twitter over ten years ago as a means of categorizing content by topic to help users find what is interesting or relevant to them.

How do hashtags help businesses?

You can use hashtags to raise awareness about your brand. They help your audiences find you. And you can use hashtags to boost brand engagement. According to Twitter, brands that use them enjoy 50% more engagement than brands that don’t. The more your hashtag is used, the more you’re “trending”.

Hashtags are also of great support when you launch a campaign online. Coming up with a unique hashtag that is specific to your campaign is a great way to get people talking about that new product you’re launching.

So, what can you do to maximize the benefits of hashtags?

Twitter recommends not using more than two hashtags for your tweet. The same goes for Facebook and LinkedIn. Stick to one or two hashtags. However, for Instagram, the more you use, the better (ten to twelve are ideal). Additionally, keep your hashtags short, simple and catchy. Steer clear of hashtags with too many words in them.

As with all marketing, define your audiences first. Find similar businesses, find top influencers in your segment, and see what hashtags they’re using. Next, come up with unique hashtags that are specific to your brand, and specific to your campaign. These help you stand out from the crowd. For instance, check out Coca-Cola’s #shareacoke.  

Don’t be afraid to jump on the ‘trending’ or ‘current affairs’ bandwagons. If there’s something everyone’s already talking about, leverage it. Like the image of the blackhole. Or the final season of #gameofthrones. Here’s what Oreo did. They came up with #gameofcookies and won engagement from 2.5 million users across the board within two weeks.

The next step is to figure out what hashtags are right for your business.

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Latest Digital Marketing Strategies to Generate More Sales Revenue

A successful company is said by the number of customers they have. Not to mention, the key point of digital marketing lies in the ability to get a more targeted audience.

Likewise, it helps to show the brand’s services in a timely manner. Besides, with the growth of technology, demands are rising.  New marketing methods and plans are updating every year at a faster pace.

With new technologies, a digital marketing agency targets the right users. Which in turn helps companies achieve their revenue goals.

Here are some digital marketing plans to increase sales revenue.

Artificial Intelligence

Originally, AI departs the data and provides insights. It has many features like click tracking, current, and past enrolments, and push notifications. In addition, it even scans social media engagements to give a track record.

Ever wonder how does AI even help firms? As clients are much interested in a personalized experience.

AI opens the gateways for that with its limitless possibilities. It helps to deliver personalize headlines and ads, from the collected data to attract customers.


Generally, to stay on track or to complete tasks, automation plays a significant role. It does all machinery possible things to help organize daily tasks. From this, it can send users personalized alerts or automated revert emails. All the repetitive marketing tasks are made automotive.

It increases collaboration in getting things to work, make information available to all required departments. Hence, the company’s goals get completed in a more effective way.


Promoting your brand through videos, have a great impact on prospects and helps in conversion. Entrepreneurs are more concentrating on video marketing to give personalized experience to users.

When compared to phone and emails, videos are more convenient to grab the attention of the audience. Video marketing can help you increase your click rates, search engine rankings, conversions etc.

But, to reach the target clients, post videos about your products and services. You can use your website landing page, social media, youtube and many more. Google is providing a great advantage by integrating video in Google ads to give more scope for businesses.

Chat Bots

Usually, with quite a high-level AI technology, chatbots are making tasks easier. Artificial intelligence help by using Natural Language Processors to understand and communicate with customers.

To summarize, Chatbots are used by marketers to send replies to users through text, audio, and visual messages.

Chatbots can be used to start a friendly conversation, cross-sell products, give information and many more. All these features are performed by analyzing the client’s data.


To begin with, by connecting people all around the world. As a benefit, smartphones have gained a lot of fame. They have become an integral part of our daily lives.

Through micro-moments, you can deliver your marketing message in just a fraction of seconds.

These are like a visual image or a short informative video which can convey a message to the targeted audience. It can works wonders with your impatient prospects and can turn them into your loyal customers in a short span.

To take advantage, businesses can use them where there is huge web traffic. For instance, like popular websites, youtube, social media.


For all startups or small businesses to target the local audience, influence marketing is very effective.

It is advertising your brand through influencers. Celebrities or marketers with good customer base act as influencers.

In this, influencers spread the word about various advantages. They help spread the word about the benefits clients get from buying your products and services.

Initially, it’s always good to perform background research on their social media, customer feedbacks, and so on. By doing so, you will get a brief on how you will further benefit from them.


There is no limit when it comes to digital marketing strategies. It doesn’t depend on whether the strategy is old or new unless it is done correctly.

The technique used must be cost-effective. It should attract customers to help you achieve business goals.


Unique Features of E-Commerce

eCommerce Features

Optimize Your Website with SEO Tools

In today’s competitive world, many businesses know the importance of SEO for their company’s online visibility. Moreover, without a correct understanding of SEO, driving traffic to your website is a challenging task.

SEO is one of the most effective methods to make your website rank top in various search engines. To stay ahead of your competitors, it is always good to be up-to-date with the latest tools of SEO.

As a matter of fact, by hiring the best digital marketing consultant, you can achieve your business needs. To help improve your rankings for search engines, let us take a sneak peek at some SEO tools


SEMrush is an effective SEO tool which focuses on keywords which are majorly searched by users online. It gives information on similar focusing words, how much traffic they are getting, products lists, related ads etc.

Furthermore, it is provided with a free trial version. As a benefit, it gained popularity among all SEO consultants. SEMrush helps to run SEO audits for the website content, can find suitable backlinks, and can even optimize landing pages.

Moz Pro

Moz Pro is an SEO tool which is used to take care of your SEO needs through a data-driven approach. It has a simple user interface and has free add-ons like Open Site Explorer and Keywords Explorer.

Moz Pro is much similar to SEMrush. It can help you gather information on long-tail keywords, link profile analysis, rankings, on-page SEO optimization and so on. You can compare multiple keywords and it also suggests you with any related keywords.


Ontolo is an SEO tool which helps you increase your web traffic beyond keyword research. Although it is an automated tool it provides you with a great way to find backlinking and guest postings.

It gathers data from over 80 sources to find prospects, irrespective of focusing keywords. With this, you can get full insights into prospects and can be aware of what kind of campaigns would benefit you. You can export all the data and contact information in a simple and easy manner.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console assembles various services to help you find your website search traffic, crawl errors, performance. It alerts you whenever your website has some malware issues so that you can get it to fix.

The results are much focused on Google search ratings. But, as Google is considered the top search engine, the results may be applicable for other search engines as well. It helps your site stay on top by making you understand what keywords visitors are paying attention to visit your site.

HubSpot’s Website Grader

HubSpot’s Website Grader is a free SEO marketing tool to help you optimize your website online. With this tool, you are needed to enter a domain and it will generate a report. The report is based on your website traffic, search engine rankings, social media, and other inbound marketing factors.

It will score you separately on your site’s performance, security, SEO, and mobile-responsiveness.  Of course, it can also segregate your report and can provide you with tips and tricks to solve your SEO queries.


GTmetrix analyzes your site and tells you how effectively it performs online. It provides you with insights on how your website loads and what measurables are required to optimize it.

Also, globally it has 28 servers located in 7 regions and can give an accurate report by testing your website in various locations. It will alert you if any errors are identified and can provide you with a video of your website loading. Hence, this is useful to analyze any errors while optimizing your page.


SEO is considered as a new age marketing technique. It needs implementation with the right strategy by the best SEO consultant to get the desired results. It is a never ending process so even a fraction of second may change your websites rankings.

Moreover, as search engines don’t depend on how time and effort you put in creating your blogs and content. With many SEO tools available, you need to choose which will help you optimize your website.

long tail, short tail keywords

Long Tail or Short Tail Keywords? Which Is More Effective for Your Business?

What is the first thing that usually strikes your mind when you hear SEO? It’s KEYWORDS. Also, they are the texts that aid search engines provide relevant results for people looking for content or products.

With the tools available on Google and other search engines, keyword research is helping to understand the keywords used by users and give them the best results possible.

So, for any business to be popular and get more traffic, keywords selection, and proper utilization help a lot. At the same time, businesses should move forward with a smart and broader outlook while choosing keywords.

Factors like business goals and needs, current market trends, target groups and the popularity of keywords must be considered in the process.

But this is where people businesses often find themselves in a state of confusion. At this point, it is vital to have some basic information like what long tail keywords and short tail keywords are? What are their functions? And which one suits your business?

How short tail keywords and long tail keywords differ from each other?

As their names suggest, the former are short and the later are comparatively long. But broadly, each of them has a definition and has varied importance in terms of how they affect businesses.

Short Tail Keywords

  • Short tail keywords are usually less than three words. They are most often searched when compared to Long tail keywords. They are also called as short heads.
    They are the words that strike your mind when you want to search for something on the internet. But short tail keywords are not specific and include broad search results. There is no doubt that these keywords draw a lot of traffic to your website.
    Due to their less specificity, there are greater chances of driving wrong traffic to your website. In most of the cases, conversion rate seemed to be low even if there is a great traffic.
    Talking about the competition, it is intense for these keywords. There is greater bidding and more people using them. It affects new businesses in the market.
    It is not surprising that short tail keywords demand greater investments because of the demand from competitors form the industry. Because it is the conversion rate that matters to a business at the end of day, short tail keywords are less effective considering the above factors.

Long Tail Keywords

  • Long tail keywords on the other hand are characterized by more words. They are not widely used by businesses and involve less competition in terms of bidding. They prove to have more advantages than short tail keywords.
  • They do not bring huge traffics because of the fact that they are specific in nature. They provide search results that may be comparatively accurate and with less fuss.
  • For example keyword like “SEO services in Hyderabad” is more specific than “SEO services” and the user gets relevant results that could cater to their requirement.
  • The traffic that your site gets through long tail keywords shows greater chances of conversions. Since they know the purpose of their search, they soon can become buyers of your products.
  • Because of the length and less competition, the page ranking and ad ranking of businesses will always be high.
  • Though they prove to be favorable for digital marketers, it is important to understand the markets and find long tail keywords. With keywords still being the major contributors of success in social media marketing, you can always outsource this work to a social media agency or a digital marketing services company.

Hence, if you are new in the industry and not ready to invest huge amounts, Long tail keywords are the best. But balancing is always better than too much or too less. Businesses should balance the use of short tail keywords and long tail keywords to ensure a safe position in the market.

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Cost-Effective Digital Advertising: Quality Marketing with Low Investment

Today, digital marketing has largely evolved and there are a large number of advertising techniques that lend good results and improve business sales. While some techniques work with minimal investments, others demand long-term investment.

It is necessary to understand that digital marketing is a way for branding and increase sales. There are other important aspects of business like infrastructure and employees which demand high monetary investment.

At the same time, the importance of digital advertising in generating leads cannot be ignored. So, a balanced plan for investment or plans with reduced costs help businesses to manage money.

Another aspect is that digital marketing is not a small term process. Strategies must be designed with a long-term outlook. Expensive marketing tools do not help much and in fact, put an extra burden on the business.

SMEs and entrepreneurs are carving a niche for themselves in the competitive digital world today. And they look for cost-effective ways that help them sustain the competition and market their products.

Today, there are a plenty of cost-effective ways you can advertise your business on digital platforms and convert the audience into buyers with smart strategies.

Let us go through the top low-cost digital advertising strategies that can make you a marketing king.

Try Remarketing

Instead of posting too many ads for new targets, design ads and remarket your products and services to people who have already visited your site.

There are huge chances of them turning into productive customers. This will ensure a minimum guaranteed profits and smart utilization of budget.

Create Multi-purpose Content

It is not easy to create separate content for a various digital medium. Make sure to create attractive content that can be tweaked and adjusted to blogs, images, descriptive videos, and infographics.

This can also ensure consistency and availability of content in various forms from which people can select.

Do Not Forget Email Marketing

It is true that most people do not like random emails spamming their inbox with irrelevant information. But this doesn’t make email marketing any less important.

By keeping an eye on audience behavior patterns and interests of the potential audience, you can create classy emails with trustworthy offers and product descriptions. This way, you can send email newsletters with customers’ consent and be on the safer side.

Innovative Social Media Campaigns

Social media offers the most cost-effective ways to get closer to your target audience. Since a lot of people spend much of their time scrolling through the newsfeed on Facebook and other social connectivity sites, businesses will have a large scope to display attractive advertisements.

If Google PPC ads work effectively for retargeting, social media paid posts can have a greater reach. With the help of a social media agency, you can create entertaining and interactive campaigns that increase reliability and loyalty in customers.

Quality of Content

It is true that quality is better than quantity. You do not have to spend a fortune on a number of ads and social media posts every day. But it is important that the limited number of ads or content that you must be useful and productive.

Post some amazing content that gives your audience a hands-on information that allows them to make buying decisions cleverly. Quality content also brings back previous visitors again and again.

video advertising services

Video Advertising: Remarkable Momentum In Sales And Customers

video advertising sales

SEO strategy for business

Here Are Some Common SEO Mistakes That Affect your Business

What is that one important factor in digital marketing you wouldn’t want to miss? The answer would be SEO. In fact, marketers consider it as a vital aspect that contributes a lot to the exposure and branding of their businesses online.

A properly executed SEO strategy for your business lends good results and ensures a high return on your investment and time. Not only a value for your money and efforts but also a clear insight into customers and targeting using tools based on new technologies.

But the SEO journey for many businesses does not go as expected. Considering the time SEO demands to show expected results, marketers often look for shortcuts and tend to ignore some important aspects. It’s never too late

Often, these little things become bigger mistakes and have a bad effect on your business popularity and search results.

Here is a list of some common and SEO mistakes to be avoided to reap good results with your SEO strategies.

Neglecting older Content

You must have developed some beautiful content for your website in the past. Often when new content is added, the older ones are ignored or given less importance.

But keep in mind that whatever has been posted earlier still matters and accounts search engine rankings.

Make sure that you review older blogs or other content and update them. Search for new popular keywords and make necessary changes. It also allows you to boost the best performing content and remove the least popular ones.

Wrong Keywords

While it is important to do a keyword search and select popular keywords, it is equally necessary to see their relevance to the business and the audience.

A common mistake people commit while choosing keywords is they incline more towards sort tail keywords and totally ignore long tail keywords.

You need to have people and their needs in mind while choosing keywords. When people are willing to buy or consume a particular product, they use long tail keywords, i.e., they specify the details.

So, smart keyword selection is the pillar for easy search results. So be careful and do not waste your valuable time and money on optimizing wrong and irrelevant keywords.

Ignoring title Tags

Your job does not end with finding the right keywords and using them in your blogs and other content forms. Most businesses forget about the importance of titles and Meta tags. Optimizing these two accounts for a good result with search engine crawling.

Google uses these tags to understand what your page is about. So, your company’s name is not just enough for SEO. For example, instead of “Hockystick Media” write “SEO services in Hyderabad– Hockystick Media”.

So make sure you do not leave any non-optimized page. It costs you your time and efforts. It also makes it easy for Google to index your page appropriately.

Not Updating Information

No business can forget about the local SEO. In fact, people look for products that are easily available for a time that is locally available. When someone searches for a specific product, the local SEO gives the search results based on the contact information or address available.

If you fail to make the demographic information and update your contacts from time to time, there are enough reasons for search engines to ignore your page. Also, Google looks for reliability and credibility of the contact details and address of your business. So, it is always better to maintain consistency across platforms.

Apart from which avoiding keyword stuffing usage of duplicate keywords, ignoring external and internal links are some of the common mistakes which can show a negative impact even if other strategies are on point.  

But, it’s never too late. You can always correct these common mistakes and come up with robust SEO strategies for your business.

Here’s How Social Media Activity Impacts Your SEO

social media impacts SEO

customer focus in digital marketing

Why Customer Service Is The New Focus in Digital Marketing

What is the best digital marketing aspect to focus on to increase your sale? Or what is the easiest way to get promising customers and improve trustworthy-relationship with them? While these questions haunt digital marketers, they often invest in too many aspects at once and put themselves in a state of confusion.

Though the strategy for marketing online purely depends on business goals and investment, any given business cannot ignore the fact that the common goal is to satisfy the customers and get them to buy what you offer.

Though you come up with innovative designs and state-of-the-art technological features for your business, it would counter-productive if they fail to satisfy the customers.

With the increasing trend of working towards customer service, every digital marketing company in India is coming up with unparalleled strategies to help businesses.

Let us now look at some reasons that prove why customer service is the new focus of marketers today.

You Will Be Their First Choice

A well-established customer service features to your business gives you insights into their needs, questions, ideas and open new ways to improve your strategies. Technology-assisted tools like chatbots and virtual assistants can produce more fruitful results.

At the same time, customers also look for a reliable business that responds to their queries and information requests. Active customer service also improves the engagement to a greater extent and give them a clear idea of what you offer and what they need.

When they find a responsive business or a seller online, that will be their ultimate choice even when there are other alternatives available. This indicates their loyalty and willingness to utilize your services.

Benefits in the Long Run

All the strategies and creative campaigns that marketers do are driven by the idea of increasing sales and gaining profits. But at the same time, no business wants customers how to buy once and never look back at you. This is why loyalty building is necessary.

A strong customer service strengthens the customer beliefs and retains them. Hence, customer service systems aim at engaging the customers and slowly build a brand image.

It also ensures a positive review of their interactions and experiences. With a polite and considerate attitude, marketers can avoid negative word of mouth.

An Insight into the Future

Customer service not only makes it effortless for both the parties, but it also tells you how you should perform in the future. While constantly communicating with the customers and helping them with questions and queries, you will get an idea as to which features could be improved.

For example, you could know which features and services on your website are attractive. Or depending on the information sought by your most loyal clients, you can add an FAQ section.

No business is perfect and lacks something or the other. By knowing what your customers are looking for you can design smart ad campaigns that target specific groups.

It’s your turn to move forward with a customer-oriented approach to beat the competition and build a strong customer base.