Exclusive Bing Ads in 7 Countries in CBS Interactive Now

According to a content syndication deal closed recently between Microsoft and CBS Interactive, Bing is the sole search option in many CBS properties including CNET.com, MySimon.com, Search.com, Store.com, ZDsearch.com and Findarticles.com. This partnership covers PC, mobile and tablet search in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, Mexico, Germany and France.

CBS Interactive is a division of CBS Corporation, and is the world’s largest publisher of premium digital content. In terms of web traffic, CBS Interactive is one of the top 10 web properties globally, with more than 300 million people visiting its sites each month. Additionally, the traffic contains a highly-coveted advertiser demographics – 60% of CBS Interactive users are under 45 and more than 40% of users have a household income of $100,000 or more.

This is what Steve Sirich, General Manager, Bing Ads Marketing, Microsoft said: “Bing is the partner of choice for the world’s leading technology and digital companies. CBS Interactive will help us bring additional scale and opportunity to advertisers and marketers as we continue our mission to connect customers with publishers and audiences in ways that will maximize ROI for their marketing campaigns.”

Shane McGilloway, Senior Vice President, Strategy & Development at CBS Interactive, shared the same sentiments. “Partnering with Bing allows us to provide an enhanced search experience to deliver quality results and incremental value to both users and marketers alike. The Bing Network team delivers valuable insights, business intelligence and an enhanced platform for paid search advertising.”

Since 70% of search volume on CBS Interactive properties come from mobile devices, this partnership will help drive a spike in mobile Bing Network searches.

Advertisers can see better ROI for their Bing Ads now on CBS Interactive for United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, Mexico, Germany and France.

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