Google Has Started Advanced Verification Process For Plumbers and Locksmiths

Google wants to secure your life as an end user. You must be using Google to search for anything, even a local locksmith or, plumber. Post identification of a few fraudulent service providers, Google has initiated the ‘advanced verification’ process to minimise falsification of identities.

The process has been launched in San Diego initially. As per Google’s help document:

  • Intention is to provide its users with a functional list of service providers.
  • To reduce fraudulent activities and improve overall customer experience.
  • Service providers need to answer a few questions.
  • Apply to a third party for verification.
  • Pinkerton, a corporate risk management service provider has been engaged by Google for verification.
  • Verification is expected to be completed within two weeks.
  • Information provided to Pinkerton would remain confidential and only be used for verification purpose.
  • There would be no impact of this process on the web ranking of the service provider.
  • Failure to pass the verification would disable appearance on Google Maps and Knowledge Panel.

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