Google Shopping Partners with E-Commerce Platforms This Holiday Season

This holiday season, Google has partnered with three e-commerce platforms – BigCommerce, PrestaShop, and Magento – to help sellers get started on Google Shopping in just a few clicks.

Essentially, Google Shopping helps you to tap into customer intent and reach the right people at the right time, no matter what device they are using. As potential customers are browsing on Google looking for your product/service or related items, your display ads will find them in real time. You can include your rich product images, prices, and other USPs in the ads.

This direct integration will allow your e-commerce account to automatically submit data and fuel your Google Shopping campaigns. With just a few clicks, your product data will be populated in your feeds to show on Google.


  • Minimize workload and go-to market time.
  • No need to create separate files to submit to Google. Use the product information you already have in e-commerce platform.
  • Continuously import fresh data from your store on the e-commerce platform without any additional work.
  • Ensure data accuracy between your inventory and feeds.
  • Showcase your newest inventory with just few clicks.

For more details, check the official announcement.





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