More Features Added to AdWords Editor

The latest 11.6 version of AdWords Editor has added some new features corresponding to the innovations in different Google properties, primarily in AdWords.

1. Universal Ad Campaigns

With Universal Ad Campaigns, you can now find potential customers for your app across Google Search, YouTube, Play, within apps and mobile websites on the Display Network. Create and edit universal app campaigns in AdWords Editor itself.

2. Gmail Ad templates

With Gmail,ads, you can reach the 1B+ Gmail users around the world as they browse their promotional ads. AdWords Editor now supports Gmail image templates and Gmail single promotion templates. You can now easily create, manage, and edit your Gmail ads, individually and in bulk.

3. Expanded Text Ads

You can create Expanded Text Ads in AdWords Editor now. Expanded Text Ads provide more ad space to help you highlight additional details about your brand, products, and services.

4. Responsive Ads

Responsive ads adapt to the unique mix of content types and screen sizes across the Google Display Network. You can now create and edit responsive ads in AdWords Editor.

5. Device Bid Management

You can now set individual bid for each device type and manage the bidding of a consolidated campaign that reaches across many devices.

6. Advanced Search

Check out the enhanced options to create filters and search within your AdWords Editor.

7. Schedule Downloads

You can do it for different performance metrics data and stay on top of what is happening in your accounts.
Read more about these at the AdWords Editor Help Center.

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