Pandora Redesigned Its Marketing Platform for Artists

Pandora has introduced a revised version of its Artist Marketing Platform (AMP) – the platform with a suite of marketing tools for artistes that includes Artist Audio Messages, Featured Tracks and AMPcast.

The new AMP provides feedback on an artist’s campaigns, evaluates their performance and provides them with ideas for new campaigns. Besides, there are other advantages as well.

  • Artists can now record customized short audio messages along with images using Artist Audio Messages. Such messages can be played before or after a track. It helps in marketing the music as per the local flavors of the place.
  • Artists can receive real time feedback (thumps up or thumps down) on their music and create separate stations to gauge affinity of listeners through Featured Tracks.
  • Artists can direct fans to a link from where they can buy show tickets. For this, Pandora has integrated Ticketfly to the AMP.

As per Sara Clemens, COO and head of Pandora’s Music Maker Group, Pandora has around 78 million music lovers engaged with it. The platform aims to connect all artists – veterans and new, to their desired audience. The focus is on promotion of new music, shows and campaigns, albums.

Check more information about the platform in the official blog.


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