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Long Tail or Short Tail Keywords? Which Is More Effective for Your Business?

What is the first thing that usually strikes your mind when you hear SEO? It’s KEYWORDS. Also, they are the texts that aid search engines provide relevant results for people looking for content or products.

With the tools available on Google and other search engines, keyword research is helping to understand the keywords used by users and give them the best results possible.

So, for any business to be popular and get more traffic, keywords selection, and proper utilization help a lot. At the same time, businesses should move forward with a smart and broader outlook while choosing keywords.

Factors like business goals and needs, current market trends, target groups and the popularity of keywords must be considered in the process.

But this is where people businesses often find themselves in a state of confusion. At this point, it is vital to have some basic information like what long tail keywords and short tail keywords are? What are their functions? And which one suits your business?

How short tail keywords and long tail keywords differ from each other?

As their names suggest, the former are short and the later are comparatively long. But broadly, each of them has a definition and has varied importance in terms of how they affect businesses.

Short Tail Keywords

  • Short tail keywords are usually less than three words. They are most often searched when compared to Long tail keywords. They are also called as short heads.
    They are the words that strike your mind when you want to search for something on the internet. But short tail keywords are not specific and include broad search results. There is no doubt that these keywords draw a lot of traffic to your website.
    Due to their less specificity, there are greater chances of driving wrong traffic to your website. In most of the cases, conversion rate seemed to be low even if there is a great traffic.
    Talking about the competition, it is intense for these keywords. There is greater bidding and more people using them. It affects new businesses in the market.
    It is not surprising that short tail keywords demand greater investments because of the demand from competitors form the industry. Because it is the conversion rate that matters to a business at the end of day, short tail keywords are less effective considering the above factors.

Long Tail Keywords

  • Long tail keywords on the other hand are characterized by more words. They are not widely used by businesses and involve less competition in terms of bidding. They prove to have more advantages than short tail keywords.
  • They do not bring huge traffics because of the fact that they are specific in nature. They provide search results that may be comparatively accurate and with less fuss.
  • For example keyword like “SEO services in Hyderabad” is more specific than “SEO services” and the user gets relevant results that could cater to their requirement.
  • The traffic that your site gets through long tail keywords shows greater chances of conversions. Since they know the purpose of their search, they soon can become buyers of your products.
  • Because of the length and less competition, the page ranking and ad ranking of businesses will always be high.
  • Though they prove to be favorable for digital marketers, it is important to understand the markets and find long tail keywords. With keywords still being the major contributors of success in social media marketing, you can always outsource this work to a social media agency or a digital marketing services company.

Hence, if you are new in the industry and not ready to invest huge amounts, Long tail keywords are the best. But balancing is always better than too much or too less. Businesses should balance the use of short tail keywords and long tail keywords to ensure a safe position in the market.

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Why Customer Service Is The New Focus in Digital Marketing

What is the best digital marketing aspect to focus on to increase your sale? Or what is the easiest way to get promising customers and improve trustworthy-relationship with them? While these questions haunt digital marketers, they often invest in too many aspects at once and put themselves in a state of confusion.

Though the strategy for marketing online purely depends on business goals and investment, any given business cannot ignore the fact that the common goal is to satisfy the customers and get them to buy what you offer.

Though you come up with innovative designs and state-of-the-art technological features for your business, it would counter-productive if they fail to satisfy the customers.

With the increasing trend of working towards customer service, every digital marketing company in India is coming up with unparalleled strategies to help businesses.

Let us now look at some reasons that prove why customer service is the new focus of marketers today.

You Will Be Their First Choice

A well-established customer service features to your business gives you insights into their needs, questions, ideas and open new ways to improve your strategies. Technology-assisted tools like chatbots and virtual assistants can produce more fruitful results.

At the same time, customers also look for a reliable business that responds to their queries and information requests. Active customer service also improves the engagement to a greater extent and give them a clear idea of what you offer and what they need.

When they find a responsive business or a seller online, that will be their ultimate choice even when there are other alternatives available. This indicates their loyalty and willingness to utilize your services.

Benefits in the Long Run

All the strategies and creative campaigns that marketers do are driven by the idea of increasing sales and gaining profits. But at the same time, no business wants customers how to buy once and never look back at you. This is why loyalty building is necessary.

A strong customer service strengthens the customer beliefs and retains them. Hence, customer service systems aim at engaging the customers and slowly build a brand image.

It also ensures a positive review of their interactions and experiences. With a polite and considerate attitude, marketers can avoid negative word of mouth.

An Insight into the Future

Customer service not only makes it effortless for both the parties, but it also tells you how you should perform in the future. While constantly communicating with the customers and helping them with questions and queries, you will get an idea as to which features could be improved.

For example, you could know which features and services on your website are attractive. Or depending on the information sought by your most loyal clients, you can add an FAQ section.

No business is perfect and lacks something or the other. By knowing what your customers are looking for you can design smart ad campaigns that target specific groups.

It’s your turn to move forward with a customer-oriented approach to beat the competition and build a strong customer base.

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How to Engage Your Audience Without Spamming Them?

“Identify the target group, keep them engaged and get conversions”. This is what digital marketing is all about. Well, it is easier said than done. Engaging your audience is the crucial part of your business.

Though you have all the resources and good content, there are certain problems that can change the game. You may not get the results that you are looking for. In many cases, you may lose the interest of your audience or end up being a spammer.

With an increasing number of spammers and fraudsters, even the good companies can end up in the spammer’s list. With growing competition, factors like these can affect your business badly.

So, using email-marketing as your marketing tool is not really easy. Getting a negative opinion takes minutes. But a mindful strategy provided by a digital marketing company can put you out of the danger of losing the interest of the audience.  

So what can be done to keep your audience engaged without losing them?

Here’s a list of things that you can do to avoid losing your audience:

1. Keep an Eye on the Popularity

There are a number of tools available to determine your scores and website popularity on the internet. If your website has bad scores and reports, your content cannot make it to the audience inbox.

Best way to maintain popularity is to be active on social media. With entertaining and innovative ideas you can get to your customers and keep them engaged. Even if you are a new business, you can get the best social media services from a top social media agency.

2. Play Safe

It is also important to make sure that you send the emails to those users who agree to receive emails. So, to not annoy the users is the key. Get their permission, comply with the rules and cater the best email content you can.

In this aspect, PPC ads are a perfect idea. Get PPC management services from a top digital marketing agency. These are the most popular advertising tools with many advanced features that can put your ads on the right channels and avoid the risk of personal inbox spamming. Also, a digital marketing company follows the privacy policies and comply with the internet’s rules and regulations.

3. Personalized Experience

Personal experience matters a lot when it comes to gaining the interest of the audience. Make them feel that the content is made for them. At the same time, avoid lengthy content. This can be as dangerous as spamming. All that they look for is an understanding of your business. Sometimes, they only look for what they want.

4. Get It Done by the Best

If your goal is the keep your audience engaged, take the expert help. Best digital marketing company aids you in following the right marketing techniques and getting the desired results. They help you maintain consistency and give personalized experience to your audience. They also take the feedback and use data analytics to determine your rank and performance. Moreover, the personalized experience that was discussed earlier can be possible with experts.

Get exactly what your business needs to retain the audience. Hire a digital marketing services company that aims at providing the right strategy and services for your business.


In-House Team or Outsourcing? What Is Best for Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

With the digital explosive growth in recent times, the traditional approach of marketing would not suffice for a worldwide reach. Even though traditional marketing was at the forefront earlier, the rising digital transformation demands a distinctive approach.

As the success of a business is inevitably intertwined with the marketing strategy, taking a right step is vital.  New developments in technology demand new tools to handle digital markets.

Often businesses see themselves in a state of confusion when it comes to choosing between an In-house team and outsourcing which involves a digital marketing services company. Making this decision involves considering various aspects since each of them come with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Let us look at how In-house Digital teams are different from Outsourcing and possible highlights and drawbacks each of them come up with.

In-house digital teams


The major advantage of having your own In-house digital teams is a strong and dedicated team that understands the objectives and goals of your business. Knowing the nitty-gritty of the business, they are always ready to take challenges and work flexibly.

You can find the right talent that suits your business needs. While forming an In-house digital team, you can filter and select skillful personnel that has the potential to fulfill your business needs.

You will always have a documented Strategy that is used for your digital marketing. Statistics show that 66 percent of effective marketers have documented content strategy.


Though having your own digital marketing team is a good idea, unlike outsourcing to a digital marketing company, is a time-consuming process.

Another major drawback of the In-house digital team strategy is its additional investment and expenses. So it will be an extra burden for any business to train and maintain additional staff.  

Building a team with members with no real-time exposure to the present market and its challenges is not so easy and requires special training. So new personnel may not be ready to handle issues that they are not aware of earlier. In these cases, a social media agency with experienced professionals needed to be involved.

Additionally, Digital marketing involves monotonous tasks like maintaining your social media presence. These tasks, when outsourced to a digital marketing company, can save you time and valuable resources.

Now let us see whether outsourcing your digital marketing strategy works for you?


This is completely cost effective. You can almost save half of what you’d spend on hiring personnel for your own digital team if you work with a digital marketing company.

This is a less expensive and effective way to get experienced and senior-level marketing executives. Also, there is no extra burden of training a team before getting the work done and you can get them started instantly.

You will only work with skilled professionals. Statistics show that only 48 percent of digital marketers claimed to be proficient in digital marketing and   ⅓ of marketers claimed that their organizations are competent in digital marketing. (According to a study done by Adobe.)


A critical drawback of outsourcing is that you are not alone. This means you are not the only client for which the third party works. Since external teams work for various clients at once, there will be no consistent outcomes for all the clients.

Best social media agency can only provide expert services in terms of Social media Marketing, SEO, Content Marketing, PPC management services and other tools and channels. They do not know every detail of your business.

On-site presence of the third party companies cannot be full time and whatever discussions or transactions should happen only during the scheduled time frames. Also, they operate on the usual 8 to 5-time frame and mostly only during weekdays.

Not to be forgotten, your interactions with your target audience are not direct when the work is outsourced to a digital marketing company. It is the third party that represents you and you may not be able to engage with your audience beyond the traditional time frame.