In-House Team or Outsourcing? What Is Best for Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

With the digital explosive growth in recent times, the traditional approach of marketing would not suffice for a worldwide reach. Even though traditional marketing was at the forefront earlier, the rising digital transformation demands a distinctive approach.

As the success of a business is inevitably intertwined with the marketing strategy, taking a right step is vital.  New developments in technology demand new tools to handle digital markets.

Often businesses see themselves in a state of confusion when it comes to choosing between an In-house team and outsourcing which involves a digital marketing services company. Making this decision involves considering various aspects since each of them come with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Let us look at how In-house Digital teams are different from Outsourcing and possible highlights and drawbacks each of them come up with.

In-house digital teams


The major advantage of having your own In-house digital teams is a strong and dedicated team that understands the objectives and goals of your business. Knowing the nitty-gritty of the business, they are always ready to take challenges and work flexibly.

You can find the right talent that suits your business needs. While forming an In-house digital team, you can filter and select skillful personnel that has the potential to fulfill your business needs.

You will always have a documented Strategy that is used for your digital marketing. Statistics show that 66 percent of effective marketers have documented content strategy.


Though having your own digital marketing team is a good idea, unlike outsourcing to a digital marketing company, is a time-consuming process.

Another major drawback of the In-house digital team strategy is its additional investment and expenses. So it will be an extra burden for any business to train and maintain additional staff.  

Building a team with members with no real-time exposure to the present market and its challenges is not so easy and requires special training. So new personnel may not be ready to handle issues that they are not aware of earlier. In these cases, a social media agency with experienced professionals needed to be involved.

Additionally, Digital marketing involves monotonous tasks like maintaining your social media presence. These tasks, when outsourced to a digital marketing company, can save you time and valuable resources.

Now let us see whether outsourcing your digital marketing strategy works for you?


This is completely cost effective. You can almost save half of what you’d spend on hiring personnel for your own digital team if you work with a digital marketing company.

This is a less expensive and effective way to get experienced and senior-level marketing executives. Also, there is no extra burden of training a team before getting the work done and you can get them started instantly.

You will only work with skilled professionals. Statistics show that only 48 percent of digital marketers claimed to be proficient in digital marketing and   ⅓ of marketers claimed that their organizations are competent in digital marketing. (According to a study done by Adobe.)


A critical drawback of outsourcing is that you are not alone. This means you are not the only client for which the third party works. Since external teams work for various clients at once, there will be no consistent outcomes for all the clients.

Best social media agency can only provide expert services in terms of Social media Marketing, SEO, Content Marketing, PPC management services and other tools and channels. They do not know every detail of your business.

On-site presence of the third party companies cannot be full time and whatever discussions or transactions should happen only during the scheduled time frames. Also, they operate on the usual 8 to 5-time frame and mostly only during weekdays.

Not to be forgotten, your interactions with your target audience are not direct when the work is outsourced to a digital marketing company. It is the third party that represents you and you may not be able to engage with your audience beyond the traditional time frame.

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