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How to Use Hashtags Successfully?

Hashtags, ‘#’, were introduced by Twitter over ten years ago as a means of categorizing content by topic to help users find what is interesting or relevant to them.

How do hashtags help businesses?

You can use hashtags to raise awareness about your brand. They help your audiences find you. And you can use hashtags to boost brand engagement. According to Twitter, brands that use them enjoy 50% more engagement than brands that don’t. The more your hashtag is used, the more you’re “trending”.

Hashtags are also of great support when you launch a campaign online. Coming up with a unique hashtag that is specific to your campaign is a great way to get people talking about that new product you’re launching.

So, what can you do to maximize the benefits of hashtags?

Twitter recommends not using more than two hashtags for your tweet. The same goes for Facebook and LinkedIn. Stick to one or two hashtags. However, for Instagram, the more you use, the better (ten to twelve are ideal). Additionally, keep your hashtags short, simple and catchy. Steer clear of hashtags with too many words in them.

As with all marketing, define your audiences first. Find similar businesses, find top influencers in your segment, and see what hashtags they’re using. Next, come up with unique hashtags that are specific to your brand, and specific to your campaign. These help you stand out from the crowd. For instance, check out Coca-Cola’s #shareacoke.  

Don’t be afraid to jump on the ‘trending’ or ‘current affairs’ bandwagons. If there’s something everyone’s already talking about, leverage it. Like the image of the blackhole. Or the final season of #gameofthrones. Here’s what Oreo did. They came up with #gameofcookies and won engagement from 2.5 million users across the board within two weeks.

The next step is to figure out what hashtags are right for your business.

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Cost-Effective Digital Advertising: Quality Marketing with Low Investment

Today, digital marketing has largely evolved and there are a large number of advertising techniques that lend good results and improve business sales. While some techniques work with minimal investments, others demand long-term investment.

It is necessary to understand that digital marketing is a way for branding and increase sales. There are other important aspects of business like infrastructure and employees which demand high monetary investment.

At the same time, the importance of digital advertising in generating leads cannot be ignored. So, a balanced plan for investment or plans with reduced costs help businesses to manage money.

Another aspect is that digital marketing is not a small term process. Strategies must be designed with a long-term outlook. Expensive marketing tools do not help much and in fact, put an extra burden on the business.

SMEs and entrepreneurs are carving a niche for themselves in the competitive digital world today. And they look for cost-effective ways that help them sustain the competition and market their products.

Today, there are a plenty of cost-effective ways you can advertise your business on digital platforms and convert the audience into buyers with smart strategies.

Let us go through the top low-cost digital advertising strategies that can make you a marketing king.

Try Remarketing

Instead of posting too many ads for new targets, design ads and remarket your products and services to people who have already visited your site.

There are huge chances of them turning into productive customers. This will ensure a minimum guaranteed profits and smart utilization of budget.

Create Multi-purpose Content

It is not easy to create separate content for a various digital medium. Make sure to create attractive content that can be tweaked and adjusted to blogs, images, descriptive videos, and infographics.

This can also ensure consistency and availability of content in various forms from which people can select.

Do Not Forget Email Marketing

It is true that most people do not like random emails spamming their inbox with irrelevant information. But this doesn’t make email marketing any less important.

By keeping an eye on audience behavior patterns and interests of the potential audience, you can create classy emails with trustworthy offers and product descriptions. This way, you can send email newsletters with customers’ consent and be on the safer side.

Innovative Social Media Campaigns

Social media offers the most cost-effective ways to get closer to your target audience. Since a lot of people spend much of their time scrolling through the newsfeed on Facebook and other social connectivity sites, businesses will have a large scope to display attractive advertisements.

If Google PPC ads work effectively for retargeting, social media paid posts can have a greater reach. With the help of a social media agency, you can create entertaining and interactive campaigns that increase reliability and loyalty in customers.

Quality of Content

It is true that quality is better than quantity. You do not have to spend a fortune on a number of ads and social media posts every day. But it is important that the limited number of ads or content that you must be useful and productive.

Post some amazing content that gives your audience a hands-on information that allows them to make buying decisions cleverly. Quality content also brings back previous visitors again and again.

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Video Advertising: Remarkable Momentum In Sales And Customers

video advertising sales


How Should You Strategize Your Content Marketing?

It’s all about content today. “Without strategy the content is just stuff. And, the world has enough stuff”

Content marketing evolved as one of the biggest trends. It is expected to drive the future of marketing. (CMI, 2018)

Content Marketing Institute defines Content Marketing as “a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience—and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action”.

In the journey of business towards the growth, how important is content marketing strategy?!

From achieving digital marketing goals to reducing costs, content marketing strategy allows to attract, acquire and engage target audience with minimal efforts. In order to maximize the effectiveness of the content, study all the new possibilities for brand/product promotion and get the maximum out of your efforts. How?

Below are a few ways:

  1. Emphasis on video for increased ROI: There is no doubt that video is an important component of effective Content Marketing strategies. Per The Firebrand Group survey, 85% 0f marketers have seen positive ROI from video efforts. This trend will continue, and hence the first action that content marketers should incorporate is to have video in their content efforts. This will improve ROI and most importantly, brand awareness and customer loyalty.
  2. Videos are the most consumed content: This is a corollary to the first point above. The thumb rule in Content Marketing is to keep visitors hooked to your website. Research has found that videos are the most consumed piece of content in a website by prospective customers, followed by social media posts, news articles and research content.
  3. Content process should be on the right track: One of the key challenges of Content Marketing is to track the performance of the efforts. So companies should make sure they have the technologies, talent, and personnel to keep the content process on the right track.
  4. Regular content creation is not the only solution for success: A recent research by Written states that most inbound marketers (almost 96%) are creating content almost on a weekly basis. Experts say that mere content creation – daily or weekly – is not sufficient for content success. What is required is that content marketers comprehend competition and include innovations, unique strategies and marketing in the process.
  5. Social Media will continue to be an important strategy for content promotion: With Social Media identified as an ‘indispensable’ channel for content distribution, this will prevail in the next few years as well. Content marketers should identify the audience that are best for their services/products and accordingly create and distribute content to them. They should monitor and analyze performance metrics like website visitors, social media followers, and email subscribers.
  6. SEO best practices should not be ignored: Content marketers should adhere to SEO best practices, including avoiding duplicate content or adding alt tags etc.
  7. Content is sales teams’ best friend as well: Content marketers should closely work with the sales team to improve the quality of customer conversations. Content is meant not only for prospective customers but also for internal sales and marketing team to pitch in more sales.
  8. More demand for personalized content: Storytelling and other customized content is in vogue now. Marketers should emphasize writing content that speaks directly to buyer’s plus points – be it through blog posts, webinars, product videos or other formats.
  9. Investing in Content Talent: Last but not least, every company should have a well-structured experienced team of Content Marketing professionals as without processes, staff and management, content strategies simply cannot be successful.

Above, we have discussed the tenets of Content Marketing today. But what will be the formats? Learn more