Tried Google Data Studio to Represent Your Analytics Data?

If you are an agency managing multiple clients for Google AdWords and other channels, then Google Analytics is an important source for your data insights and analysis. And if you are using the paid version of Google Analytics or Google Analytics 360 Suite, then you have definitely used the Google Data Studio.

Thankfully, Google has also introduced this wonderful tool to the free Analytics users. Of course, right now, it is available only in the US, but very soon Google is planning to roll it it to other countries as well.

The tool helps you to convert the data of your clients into visual representations. The reports are easy to read, easy to share and are customizable per your needs. You can choose how you want to represent the data – in terms of bar diagrams, pie charts, line graphs or maps. Further, you can add your logo to the reports.

Another important feature is that the reports are dynamic – meaning, the representations will change as the data changes. And you can also import data from outside channels and ask the tool to make beautiful representations. Example, Facebook data. You just need to import the data into Google Sheets and the tool will make the visual reports for you. Also, you can share them.

Wonderful, isn’t it? So if you are in US, then try this

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