Email Marketing

Email marketing offers customized Content to audience segregated by pre-decided parameters, and is cost-effective. It is an effective way to maintain a consistent relationship with your existing and potential clients and build brand loyalty and trust while also increasing sales.

  • Welcome, Drip, Reminder and Update Campaigns
  • Occasion and Festival Campaigns
  • Events, Sales and Promotion Campaigns
  • Personalize Email and Content
  • A/B Testing of Campaigns
  • Grow Audience W-O-W
  • Track Performance with Real Time Reports
  • Insights with Interactive Analytics



Audience Segmentation

Creating sets and subsets is the essential step of email marketing. We segregate email marketing lists into several categories to improve open and click-through rates.  We use varied strategies to categorise your list. They include demographics (age, gender or company position), email engagement analytics, past purchases, level in the sales funnel, or even website behaviour. By narrowing it further, we focus and send targeted audience on your lists who find your campaigns more relevant.


Employing technology innovative tools and software, we give you the best as per business needs and content plan. As personalization is what customers today are looking for, email marketing trends have evolved with it. To make you stand out, we use marketing techniques to enhance your email interactivity.

Establish Strategy and Implement

We build an email marketing strategy to effective with your business goals and objectives. We help you market products and services with the help of email as a platform and give you the best chance increase your ROI.  Providing you the flexibility to reach large masses in quicktime, we manage email marketing campaigns efficiently. We identify the interests of your target customers to derive industry specific strategy. We transform the very same strategy to actions and achieve your goals. We develop marketing messages, customize and make newsletters. Primarily focussing on end-users, include graphics and make the message clear.

What we stand for?

Expertise in the Digital Arena

Top-level ex-employees of Google came together to share the knowledge and help clients to achieve their vision. Our certified digital marketing executives carry the right skills to reach the targets.

100 % Transparency

We maintain complete transparency while completing projects. As we expand our services to all the clients across the globe, keeping open lines in terms of money spent on paid marketing to acquisition of leads.

Data-driven Strategies

We believe that data is the key to success. By logically assessing analytics at every step, we follow the path with proven measure and assure marketing objectives. Evaluation of digital behaviour is what drives us.

Innovative Approach

Our incorrigibly curious minds tend to spark innovation for every task. We understand customers emotive experience of digital marketing and ask “why not” whenever we leap into providing solutions to clients.

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