Web Analytics

We use Web Analytics (Google’s, in-house and 3rd party sites) to mine and analyse data vis-a-vis your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). This we do on weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. We send you reports on our analysis of your sales funnel, user behavior, strategy gaps and fresh opportunities.

  • Reporting APIs
  • Analyze data collection, configuration, processing and reporting
  • Find trends in raw data for users, sessions, and interactions
  • Measurement Protocol
  • Apply configuration settings to study data transformation and aggregation
  • Add codes and customize reports



Thorough Audit of Your Website

We quickly inspect every aspect of your website and identify every issues that affects your search engine indexations, ranking and user experience. In process we also identify your highs and lows of web performance in the digital presence. Our detailed audit checks broken links or image, mobile usability, content issues, internal or external linking areas, redirecting, heavy pages and other aspects. We analyse your traffic type, filters, funnels and determine step-by-step methods to fix them.

Employ Distinct Tools

We use high-end tools to analyse how visitors on your site behave. Even though, Google Analytics is our unanimous favorite, we also use other technical tools acquire complete data of your web performance.We further cross check the metrics with your Key Performance Indicators and your business goals. We apply these in order to study the technicalities in detail and direct the right path. The essential idea with this is to acquire, organize and present data in its most accurate form.

Unveil New Insights and Opportunities

Data is the most essential part of Customer Relationship Management. The data received through the tools is used to uncover new insights to your growth surge and extend your business value through new opportunities. We know how exactly these insights can be converted into results. Bringing this unique value to our marketing,  we drive our next steps to build your brand impression in the market.

Determine Channel Strategies with Data

With identified patterns and behaviours, we sync social media channels to be focussed on your targeted areas. We use the power of leveraging analytics to engage your customers efficiently and enhance your customer relationship with your brand.  As the tools help us to find the right social media platform, we establish strategies to drive this targeted traffic to your site.

Predict Trends and Unlock True Potential

With campaign management, analysis and reporting, we derive your correlation patterns and your potential areas. As machine learning marches into web analytics, interpreting has never been easier. We use the strategic findings at each step to predict the trends in your industry. Furthermore, we add context to predictive analytics and identify your user behaviour in terms of onboarding or becoming a power customer. Churning these trends, rediscover your true potential to succeed.

What we stand for?

Expertise in the Digital Arena

Top-level ex-employees of Google came together to share the knowledge and help clients to achieve their vision. Our certified digital marketing executives carry the right skills to reach the targets.

100 % Transparency

We maintain complete transparency while completing projects. As we expand our services to all the clients across the globe, keeping open lines in terms of money spent on paid marketing to acquisition of leads.

Data-driven Strategies

We believe that data is the key to success. By logically assessing analytics at every step, we follow the path with proven measure and assure marketing objectives. Evaluation of digital behaviour is what drives us.

Innovative Approach

Our incorrigibly curious minds tend to spark innovation for every task. We understand customers emotive experience of digital marketing and ask “why not” whenever we leap into providing solutions to clients.

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